The Lexington Spring Encore is Underway 

Above photo caption: Chris Wynne and Teri McLeskey’s “Landon”. Photo © Teresa Ramsay

The opening day of the Lexington Spring Encore kicked off today under beautiful sunny skies, and it’s looking like WCHR week will be one for the books! We have an action-packed week ahead, and we hope you will enjoy it!

All are welcome to enjoy the complimentary continental breakfast in the Winner’s Café daily from 7-10 am. Can’t get away from the barn? Keep your eyes open for the Markel Insurance representatives who will be driving to the barns with complimentary coffee and donuts Thursday, Saturday and Sunday mornings!

Friday, join us at the Sandy Gerald Arena for Triple Crown Derby Day! Triple Crown representative Katie Wimer will be ringside with coffee, donuts, fruit and mimosas! The coffee starts at 7 am Friday, and mimosas will be served when the $5,000 USHJA National Hunter Derby, presented by the Heisley Family Foundation, kicks off at 9 am.

Jason Berry on “Shameless”, owned by Bonhuer, LLC. Photo © Teresa Ramsay

A Trainer’s View of the Virginia Horse Center

“Zach Parks owns Cadeaux Show Stables, based out of Keswick, Virginia and has been competing at the Virginia Horse Center since 1988. A big R judge in Hunters, Equitation and Breeding, he has 18 horses at the Virginia Horse Center for the Festival of Champions, both during the Premiere and now at Encore.

“I think there have been a lot of changes over the years here at the Virginia Horse Center.  There is continuous improvement every year, which is not easy since this facility has to cater to so many disciplines. We all have our own preferences for different footings that suit our sport. I think the hunter/jumper industry has a hard time understanding that. I have to give credit to the VHC and to the show management, Allen Rheinheimer and Keedie Leonard, for listening to our concerns and handling them immediately.

“The improvements from last week to this week have been incredible. The riders wanted more water on the rings and the arenas rolled, and it was done immediately. Management is fantastic. If you have an issue, go and talk to them! They are receptive and want to do what is best for the horses. Even if you’re walking to the office or a ring and ask for something, it gets done. Everyone from the jump crew to upper-level management wants to make this show and facility the best in Virginia. They want what is best for us and our horses. I feel grateful to be able to show here, support the Virginia Horse Center, and have this amazing facility.

“I really appreciate all of the people who have donated to the VHC, and to Allen and Keedie for doing such a great job with these shows. There’s lots of moving parts and we don’t step back and thank everyone for what they do and how everyone continues to make this a better place.”