A World Class Facility

With 600 acres holding 9 show rings, 8 schooling rings, a 4,000 seat coliseum, 8 barns, cross country, a tractor pull, campgrounds, special event spaces, and full café services, the VHCF offers a safe, diverse, and exciting facility for your event.

Support VHCF “All one needs to do is stand on the hill above the stables and arenas viewing the vistas of mountains with extraordinary beauty to realize that this is Virginia’s premier equestrian facility. It must be preserved in its finest form for future generations of competitors who have a passion for all things related to horses.”

— Supporter, participant, and owner of neighboring farm

The Facility

We are proud to offer a wide variety of high-quality facilities for your event.  The index below offers an overview with measurements and footing details.  We encourage you to view the facility map to understand our layout as it pertains to your event or experience. Reservations and inquiries can be routed to Kelley Douglas, Chief Operating Officer (email Kelley Douglas) or by calling 540-464-2960.  Facility rental is subject to availability and, with a moving calendar, speaking with our staff is the best way to book your event and answer any questions you may have. View or download the VHC Map

Indoor Arenas

Anderson Coliseum, Waldron Arena
(can seat up to 4,000 people)
150′ x 300”
Clay base/Natural sand mix


Ault Pavilion
Waldron warm-up area
90’ x 180′
Sand/Clay mix


East Complex, Reel Arena
120′ x 260′
Sand/Clay mix


The Big Lonely Barn’s Schooling Ring
70′ x 180′
Sand/Clay mix


Bent Tree Barn’s Schooling Ring
64.6′ x 180′
Sand/Clay mix


Woods Hill/Henson Schooling Ring
64.6′ x 180′
Sand/Clay mix

Anderson Coliseum

The Howard P. Anderson Coliseum is a 4000 seat indoor coliseum centered on the gracious Waldron Arena. Measuring 150′ x 300′, this arena is host to “AA” rated and local horse shows, training clinics, concerts, rodeos, horse pulls, and even sporting events. With a clay base, its natural sand footing provides for a sound experience for rider and horse.

Outdoor Covered Arenas

Moore Arena 
Moore Arena
96’ x 220′
Sand/Clay mix

Outdoor Arenas

Fletcher Arena
112′ x 224′
Bluestone base/Natural sand


Fletcher Adjacent Schooling
95′ x 160′
Bluestone base/Natural sand


Wiley Arena
130′ x 300′
Kruse Cushion Ride footing


Northern Arena
120′ x 260′
Bluestone base/Natural sand


South Campground Schooling
170′ x 170′
Bluestone base/Natural sand


Dressage Arena “A”
96′ x 250′
Bluestone base/Natural sand


Sandy Gerald Ring
160′ x 230′
Kruse Cushion Ride footing


Wheeler Arena “C
96′ x 250′
Bluestone base/Natural sand


Tardy Arena
90′ x 250′
Bluestone base/Natural sand


East Complex Schooling Ring
115′ x 145′
Bluestone base/Natural sand homeslider2_0003_SLIDE 4


The Virginia Horse Center is known for its safe and well-maintained stalls.  There are four, stall-dedicated barns bordering the Stable Office/Welcome Center that hold 120 stalls each. Barn 8 is adjacent to the East Complex and holds 122 stalls. The remaining barns, The Big Lonely, Woods Hill, and Bent Tree Barn are laid out around schooling rings and hold 49, 46, and 48 stalls respectively.  The VHCF also has the capability to set up temporary stalls for large events. All barns have internal wash stalls and dedicated manure pits. Stalls are uniformly 12′ x 10′ with 7′ 10″ tall walls and doors that are 5 7/8″ wide. barns_ECC-2005-7

Additional Information


Please review the Foundation’s policies to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.  As a result of our multi-purpose facility, being open to the community and public, and by virtue of the innate risk of the large animal sport, we ask that you adhere to the Foundation's policies while visiting.

VHCF Visitor Policies

  1. Upon arrival at the Virginia Horse Center, all trailers must check in at the Stable Office/Welcome Center.
  2. A negative Coggins must be provided for every horse brought onto the grounds and turned into the Stable Office (state law).  Horses coming from out of state are required to have a health certificate (federal law).
  3. No smoking in Coliseum or Barns.  This is the law.
  4. Vehicles:  Drive Carefully.  Obey All Traffic Signs.  Speed limits are strictly enforced.  Every vehicle operator must have a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance.  The use of vehicles in the camping areas is restricted to regular roadways for entering and exiting only.  Vehicles are permitted only if operated in a safe manner (this is a Virginia state law), but may not be used in the Coliseum or in the interior of any of the barns.  Four wheelers and ATV’s are not permitted on the VHC grounds.  Non-powered scooters, bicycles, skateboards, in-line skates, heelers (skates in shoes) are not permitted in the Coliseum or the interior of any of the barns.  The VHC reserves the right to prohibit the operation of any vehicle.
  5. Dogs/Pets:  All dogs/pets must have current inoculations for rabies as prescribed by state of residency.  No loose dogs/pets are allowed anywhere on the premises.  All dogs/pets that are not crated must be on a hand-held or tied leash.  Loose dogs/pets will incur a $100 fine. You must clean up after your dog/pet. Dogs are allowed in the Coliseum as long as they are on a leash. No dogs/pets in the Mezzanine (2nd floor of the Coliseum) under any circumstances with the exception of Service Dogs.  We ask that your Service Dog have his or her vest on.Grounds/Parking Areas/Barns/East Complex:  All dogs/pets must be on a hand-held or tied leash.
  6. No trash or sharps in the manure pits.  Sharps should be placed in red boxes in barns.
  7. All stalls must have at least one bale of shavings or straw.  Sawdust is prohibited.  Shavings may be purchased at the Welcome Center (Stable Office).
  8. No lunging in Wiley, Northern, B Ring, the Coliseum and the East Complex.
  9. No overnight horses may be stabled in trailers or tied out.
  10. Horses are not allowed to be ponied behind any moving vehicles.
  11. No vehicles allowed in the barns.
  12. Campers must register at Stable Office/Welcome Center.
  13. Check-In time and Check-Out time subject to show date.
  14. No gray water is to be dumped on the ground.  Sewage arrangements are made through the Stable Office/Welcome Center.
  15. Campfires are not permitted.
  16. Campers must keep their sites clean and dispose of refuse in the receptacles provided.  All campers will be responsible for leaving the campsite as they found it.  Any damage or repairs resulting from negligence shall be the responsibility of the camper.
  17. All central service buildings and other facilities in the campground are for campers’ and exhibitors’ use only.
  18. Firearms and fireworks are not permitted.
  19. No tent, camper, RV or camping equipment shall be left unattended longer than 24 hours without written permission from campground management.
  20. Any loss, theft, accident or disturbance should be reported to the Virginia Horse Center Security.  Lost and Found is located in the Security Office.
  21. Virginia Horse Center management reserves the right to remove from the premises any camper or visitor who is in violation of these rules and regulations.
  22. The Virginia Horse Center shall be held harmless against all claims, costs, losses or liability of every nature and kind asserted against or incurred by camper arising or resulting in any respect from camper’s occupancy and use of premises, and/or visitor and visitor’s use of premises.
Frequently Asked Questions Q: How much does it cost to attend an event?
A: Most often, nothing! Check on the particular event on the calendar for full details. Concerts, the Rockbridge Regional Fair and Farm Show, and the rodeo are among the few events that charge. Q: What is going on this weekend?
A: Please check our schedule of events, updated weekly! Q: Where do I park?
A: General parking can be found in front of the Anderson Coliseum by turning right after entering the complex. Trailer parking will be directed by the event, and Security or the Stable Office can help you. Q: Do you have horses I can ride or camps?
A: We do not have horses for public riding. Contact the Lexington Area Tourism Bureau at 540-463-3777 for their advice. Q: Can I have a tour of the VHCF?
A: Yes! Please call Matt Crookshanks to arrange a time to have a guided tour of our wonderful facility at 540-464-2952. Q: Is the VHCF handicap accessible?
A: Yes, there is handicap access into the Anderson Coliseum but not to the ground level once inside. The rest of the facility is fully accessible. Q: Where are the restrooms?
A: There are restrooms in two places in the coliseum by the café and in the far back corner.  There are also restrooms in each barn and in the East Complex. You can also find showers there if you are camping. Q: How do I make or check on my stall reservations and entry forms?
A: First, contact the show manager. Second, you can call the Stable Office/Welcome Center at 540-464-2966. Q: Do you sell shavings and hay on-site?
A: Yes! Please contact the Stable Office/Welcome Center at 540-464-2966 with your order. Q: What is the closest hotel?
A: The closest hotels are the Best Western Plus at Hunt Ridge and the Sleep Inn, both located on Maury River Road just a half mile from the VHCF. You can see accommodation options here. Q: Do you make hotel reservations?
A: The VHCF does not make hotel reservations so please call the hotels directly. Show management often blocks rooms for their events to ensure rooms for exhibitors. Q: What are the closest restaurants?
A: The closest restaurant is Pure Eats concessions located inside the Anderson Coliseum on the concourse and The Winner's Ring Restaurant, next to the Wiley Arena.  On Route 11, you can find multiple restaurants like our partners Applebee’s, Subway, and Crystal Chinese in the Wal-Mart Shopping Center.  Downtown Lexington has many charming and local options as well.  You can see more dining options here. Q: Can you walk at the VHCF?
A: Yes! We partner with Let’s Move Lexington to provide free exercise opportunities on our grounds and inside the Anderson Coliseum during inclement weather. Walking hours are 8-5pm. Q: Are dogs allowed at the VHCF?
A: Yes, if they are on a leash. No dogs are allowed in the food service areas of Anderson Coliseum or in the Winner's Ring restaurant. Q: Are you hiring?
A: Please check the “Work with Us” section to see if there are openings. If there are not, you may still download a general application and return it to be kept on file. Q: Is the VHCF a non-profit?
A: YES! All donations are tax-deductible. Please consider us in your charitable giving. Golf Cart Rentals

Golf Carts are provided by National Carts of Longwood, Florida and are available for rental on-site at the Stable Office/Welcome Center for $80 plus tax per day. You can make reservations in person or by calling 540-464-2966.

Visit NC website

Concessions in the Coliseum


Call Danny Wimer or Mary Johnson for additional information on catering at dwimer@horsecenter.org or call (540) 464-2959.

Event Rentals & Spaces Special events like receptions, parties, or meetings can be booked by contacting Matthew Crookshanks at 540-464-2952 or email mcrookshanks@horsecenter.org.

All pricing is available on contact and is based on guest numbers and rental needs. Full catering is available through Virginia Horse Center Food Services.

Event Spaces

Appomattox Mezzanine
This large event space has views of the Blue Ridge and onto the Waldron Arena in the Anderson Coliseum. It's 9,500 square feet can accommodate 400 people or be segmented into smaller spaces. This space is well suited for wedding receptions, corporate and private parties, and meetings. View the Mezzanine layout here. Work Horse Café
Inside the Anderson Coliseum on the upper concourse, this space has a bar counter, stage, seating area, and can be enclosed for your event. The Winner’s Ring Café
An enclosed porch attached to a full-service café where small gatherings can be held with a full view of the action in Wiley Arena. Picnic Pavilion and Amphitheater
Set atop the grounds with beautiful views, the picnic pavilion provides a memorable setting for your event. The Amphitheater can be used for acoustic concerts, parties, or in conjunction with the Pavilion. Vendors

The VHCF welcomes vendors to enhance the experience at our events for our exhibitors and visitors. Our vendors offer unique products and opportunities to learn about new products in the industry.

Vending areas are available inside the Anderson Coliseum on the concourse, surrounding the Stable Office/Welcome Center, and outside the East Complex. With 500,000 visitors annually, the VHCF is a prime location to promote your business.

Vendors should contact the Stable Office/Welcome Center for VHCF-owned events by calling (540) 464-2966 or send an email to stableoffice@horsecenter.org.

Food Vendors must be approved 30 days in advance with completed application and are subject to a vendor's fee. Food Vendors should contact Ellen Pennine at (540) 464-2966 or email at epennine@horsecenter.org.

VHCF-owned events include:
Polar Bear Schooling Shows
Winter Dressage Schooling Shows
Stonewall Country Horse Shows “A”
House Mountain Horse Shows
Thoroughbred Celebration Horse Shows
Heritage Arabian Classic Horse Shows “A”
Lexington Spring Premiere “AA”
Lexington Spring Encore “AA”
Bonnie Blue National Horse Show “A”
Blue Ridge Arabian Classic Championships
Rockbridge Regional Fair & Farm Show
Southern States All Breed Fair Horse Show
Lexington National Horse Show “AA”
Dressage with a View

For all other shows, please contact outside show managers for more information.

If you are interested in long term arrangements, you can contact the Stable Office/Welcome Center at (540) 464-2966 or email stableoffice@horsecenter.org.

Hoofbeats Therapeutic Riding Center We are proud hosts to the Hoofbeats Therapeutic Riding Center.  Located near the back of our grounds, the facility includes a 10-stall barn, and a large outdoor dressage arena, with a handicapped-friendly mounting ramp, and bleacher seating for spectators. The VHCF’s riding trails and Hoofbeats new Sensory Trail are within easy reach, affording students the added opportunity to experience riding outside the ring.  Four paddocks with run-in sheds provide turn-out for the horses.  The barn’s climate-controlled wing houses the Hoofbeats office, kitchen, handicapped accessible bathrooms, a reception area, and a classroom/meeting space.

Hoofbeats services focus on four main areas:

1. Recreational Therapeutic Horseback Riding – Hoofbeats provides training in horsemanship and therapeutic horseback riding for people with disabilities (physical, mental, emotional, speech, and learning), for persons diagnosed with debilitating or life-threatening illnesses, and for a limited number of able-bodied children and adults. Lessons are designed for the client’s specific needs and focus on skills and exercises to enhance the client’s quality of life. 2. Equestrian Competition – Hoofbeats hosts and attends equestrian competitions that promote a positive atmosphere to showcase the skills and efforts of disabled and able-bodied equestrians.

3. Education – Hoofbeats promotes educational, academic, and life skills through joint riding and/or classroom projects with schools or rehabilitation centers.

4. Outreach – Hoofbeats engages in outreach programs to inform the public about the benefits of therapeutic riding and the concerns of the disabled. In all activities, Hoofbeats strives to encourage positive mental attitudes, physical fitness, trust, self-confidence, and independence that will supplement other forms of therapy and/or healing. Hoofbeats operates according to the standards and guidelines of the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH), of which it is an accredited premier operating center.  Hoofbeats is also an active member of the Therapeutic Riding Association of Virginia (TRAV).

For more information visit their website.

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