Tim Bourke (IRL) and Bon Vivant DSF win the CCI 2*L

Tim Bourke (IRL) and Bon Vivant DSF, owned by Jill Smith won the CCI 2*L with a score of 28.6. Tim Bourke has been catch riding Bon Vivant DSF [V] who belongs to Jill Smith. “Since Jill is pregnant, the goal has been to put some mileage on V,” he said. According to Bourke, this is V’s second or third 2*L. “He is a Canadian bred horse and super-fast. I’m happy for the whole team behind him. Jill’s groom Sara Lujano did a fantastic job caring for him over the weekend and he’s not the easiest horse in the world. He is a little bit cold backed, and he needs to be lunged before we get on. The dedication she has is wonderful,” he added.