VHC Eventing Presented by Capital Square

Following the First Horse Inspection, which kicked off the competition at VHC Eventing, presented by Capital Square, its green lights and all systems go. The Ground Jury for the CCI2*-L and CCI1*-L divisions assessed all 26 combinations entered for competitive readiness, accepting all pairs with no holds or representations.

I Love My Horse presented a Best Turned Out Award for the First Horse Inspection, giving a $150 gift certificate to Isabelle Blair and Get It Together, who are competing in the CCI2*-L.  

Ridden competition begins on Friday, with an action-packed weekend awaiting our horses and riders. Friday’s schedule includes dressage and show jumping for the Preliminary, Intermediate, Advanced/Intermediate, Advanced CT, and FEI divisions. 

The general event schedule, including ride times and orders of go, can be found here

Competitors and spectators are invited to attend some special events on Friday, including an opportunity to meet the Capital Square team and get hydrated at the Stave Mill Pavillion from 12 p.m. until 3 p.m. There will also be a reception with refreshments at the Stave Mill Pavillion during show jumping, sponsored by Triple Crown, from 3 p.m. until 4:30 p.m. 

VHC Eventing also has some volunteer opportunities available throughout the weekend. Interested parties can sign up for a volunteer shift here

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VHC Eventing website

Ride Times, Orders of Go, Schedule

Live Scores


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VHC Eventing Capital Square Spotlight: Inside Look at Rider Preparations

Brazilian Olympian André Parro, experienced groom-turned-rider Rachael Livermore, and CCI3* level eventer Michael Willham are among the participants this weekend. Each brings unique insights and aspirations to the competition.

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Brazilian Olympian André Parro, experienced groom-turned-rider Rachael Livermore

Vicky Castegren and Hyperion Stud: A Journey to Equine Excellence

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Vicky Castegren

About Capital Square

Capital Square is the presenting sponsor of VHC Eventing. 

Capital Square’s founder and co-CEO, Louis Rogers, an amateur eventer and horse owner himself, understands the connection between real estate investments and eventing. A strong foundation, a well-planned strategy, hard work, attention to detail and true partnership can lead to powerful results. The Capital Square team is proud to return as the presenting sponsor of VHC Eventing.

Since 2012, Capital Square has helped investors navigate tax-advantaged real estate offerings.

The company’s experienced, investor-centric team provides a successful foundation for investment opportunities, including:

  • Delaware statutory trusts as replacement properties for 1031 exchanges
  • Qualified opportunity zones
  • Private investment offerings

For more information, visit Capital Square.