Founders Celebration

“Otis Mead and his team of some 90 people in Lexington, Buena Vista, and Rockbridge County delivered for the legislators a finely crafted binder of information on the Rockbridge site, and a team-produced video capturing Rockbridge County’s history, its incredible mountain vistas-showing off a whole culture.

It was no stroke of luck that brought the Virginia Horse Center to Rockbridge County. It was the work and the will of a creative bunch of people, led by Otis Mead III, who thought of every single detail and every reason in the world to bring this horse center to this location.”

Today, the Virginia Horse Center boasts 600 acres which are home to a 4,000-seat coliseum, 14 schooling and show rings, 745 stalls, 125 campsites and 10 acres of blue roof to match the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountain views. As the Horse Center approaches its 40th anniversary, watch for more improvements and world-class competitions!

G. Otis Mead III

G. Otis Mead III July 12th  NEWSLETTER