VHC Status Update on EHV-1 Decontamination

LEXINGTON, VA. As we reported in our press release of June 24, 2023, every stall and all grounds equipment, such as Bobcats, tractors, muck buckets, rakes, etc. have been sanitized by a Virginia State Veterinarian-designated team which began Monday, June 26.

According to Dr. Abby Sage, Veterinarian, VDACS Office of Veterinary Services, “The coordinated effort with the show management staff facilitated a quick and thorough response. All barns have been disinfected and the Virginia Horse Center is safe for upcoming shows.”

Facts about EHV-1

Per Dr. Abby Sage, the virus can only live outside the horse for 48 hours unless in water. Also, the virus only spreads from a horse up to 30’. She has advised us that from first exposure to the first symptom is 7 days. The affected horses had been on the grounds for 2 days when the first symptom occurred. Therefore neither of the horses had contracted the virus on the Horse Center grounds.

If anyone wants more detailed information, please contact Glenn Petty, VHC CEO, at gpetty@horsecenter.org or 540/464-2969 or go to the Virginia Department of Agriculture Veterinary Services website at vdacs.virginia.gov/animals-equine-herpes-virus.shtml